The Squawk RPG is a science-fiction role-playing game for 3 to 5 players (including Game Master). Players control intelligent avians, dinosaurs and other reptiles who explore the Abaddon planetary system and it's many unique worlds, cultures and technologies. They overcome extraterrestrial monsters, wild dinosaurs, space pirates, and other savage perils along the way.

Explore the Squawk Universe

Half of the Squawk RPG is a campaign (a series of adventures) that allows Game Masters to run the game with minimal preparation time. The campaign allows players to follow a central plot, or explore the Abaddon system, moving freely in many directions. The campaign includes more than 100 possible encounters to challenge the players, depending on which parts of the Squawk RPG universe they decide to explore. Random encounter tables for each world - and rules that allow players to search for specific encounters - keep the campaign new and exciting even when the same group of players have played the campaign before.

Easy to Pick up and Play

The Squawk RPG uses the simple and easy-to-use Scratch Role-Playing System, which is included in the book. Navigation maps help readers explore the planets and moons of the Abaddon system easily. Over 100 illustrations of creatures, technology and places help readers visualize this unique setting. Experienced tabletop gamers will be able to play this game within minutes of opening the Squawk RPG book, and this is an ideal role-playing game for new players as well.

Join the Community

Stay in touch with the Squawk RPG community through the Game Arts Guild Blog, or look up the "Squawk Role-Playing Game" on Facebook. Learn more about the development of the Squawk RPG by reading the Designer's Journal.

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